Settlers Service Education Loan Scheme

Skim Insentif Anak Peneroka (SIAP)

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1 Purpose
  • To ease the burden of the settlers and their families.
  • As an incentive and gift to SPM achievers who successfully continue their studies at public or private universities that have ties with FELDA.
2 Incentive Rate
1 Diploma RM 500.00
2 Pursuing Degree Locally RM 1,000.00
3 Pursuing Degree Overseas RM 1,500.00

* This is a one-off assistance to every settlers’ child who successfully obtain a place in local or overseas universities and pursuing either diploma, diploma or degree.

3 SIAP Application Requirement
i. Applicant's eligibility requirements Registered settlers’ child, stepchildren or adopted children (include a copy of the Letter of Adoption of Children) who resides in the land settlement scheme.
ii. Application age limit
  • Diploma: 18 to 23 years old
  • Degree: 18 to 25 years old
iii. Documents required during application
  • FELDA Offer letter to local or overseas universities under FELDA’s list.
  • Copy of applicant’s identity card.
  • Copy of settler’s identity card.
  • Latest settler’s income statement (pay sheet).
iv. Applications are not eligible for:
  • FELDA Settlers or settler’s children that resides outside land settlement scheme.
  • Students who secured Matriculation studies with Ministry of Education.
  • Students pursuing Certificate / Pre / Foundations, Polytechnic Brigade, Masters or Doctorate (PhD).
  • Students with Distance Learning Program (PJJ), part-time studies or working adults.
  • Applicants with FELDA sponsorships such as FELDA Skills Training Scheme (SLKF) and overseas bound DKPCF students

Skim Latihan Kemahiran FELDA (SLKF)

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1 Implementation Year
  • Year 2005 (Scholarship)
  • Year 2009 to date
  • (Interest Free Full Loan)
2 Purpose
  • Assisting FELDA’s new generation especially SPM leavers to continue their tertiary education.
  • To assist in easing the burden of students.
3 Method of Implementation
  • Grant of RM5,000.00 for the entire course.
  • The excess study cost will be considered as education loan.
4 Courses offered
  • Skill and academic certificates (Level 1, 2 and 3)
  • Diploma
  • Degree
  • High Profile courses
5 SKLF Requirements Year 2017
i. Courses offered Malaysian Skill Certificate and Diploma Course
ii. Government agencies / colleges / private universities involved

Year 2017

Level 1, 2 & 3 certificate courses and additional Level 4 (Malaysian Skills Diploma) course for certain colleges as per attachment.

Collaborations between FELDA and OUM

No. About Description
1 Implementation Year


2 Course offered

Bachelor of Communication with Honors

3 Mode & Duration of Study
  • Part-time studies with once a month class study during holiday at nearby OUM centre.
  • 4 years
4 Highlights of this Program

This program incorporates FELDA studies with focus on FELDA's history, background, organization, business and corporate social responsibility (CSR). This is a compulsory subject for FELDA linked students.

5 Financing 30% interest reduction in PTPTN repayment.
6 Admission Requirement
  1. Pass SPM / SPMV / MCE or equivalent with 2 credits including English; AND
  2. Pass STPM / HSC or equivalent with at least 2 principals (CGPA 2.00); OR
  3. Pass certified Diploma; OR
  4. Pass certified Matriculation Certificate; OR
  5. Pass certified Polytechnic Certificate in related field; OR
  6. Lower academic qualification with minimum 5 years relevant working experience and sanctioned by the OUM Senate.


Entrance via Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)
  1. 21 years old on 1st January on the year of application;
  2. Possessed the relevant working experience;
  3. Pass APEL evaluation conducted by OUM.
7 Additional Admission Requirements as Required by FELDA
  1. Pass SPM with credit; AND
  2. Having served as FELDA’s staff or equivalent for at least 3 years; AND
  3. Obtain approval from FELDA’s Deputy Director General (Community Development).
8 PTPTN Education Loan Requirements
  1. PTPTN Education Loan application will be jointly managed by OUM and students.
  2. Fulfilled the requirements as stated by PTPTN (Refer to PTPTN's official portal).

30% interest reduction on PTPTN repayment

No. About Description
1 Date of Approval
  • 1st December 2014
    (for FELDA settlers’ children only)
  • April 2016 - Extended to settlers’ grandchildren and staffs’ children.
    - New interest rates are based on overall average grade (CGPA) for Bachelor’s Degree only.
2 Applicant’s Eligibility Requirements
  • Students pursuing studies at 20 public universities and 36 Polytechnic throughout Malaysia at Diploma level and Bachelor's Degree in all courses that meet the qualification requirements.
  • Students of 22 private colleges / universities listed in the FELDA-PTPTN panels and courses that have been determined in 2016 (Refer to Appendix I).
3 Application Requirements
  1. The applicant himself/herself is responsible for applying into public / private university and PTPTN for the current year.
  1. For public / private universities that are registered with FELDA only (The list will change from time to time)
  1. Full time study at selected public / private university.
  2. Applicant with PTPTN offered are required to :
    1. To fill in the form (record) from land settlement scheme and interest reduction form
    2. To submit the form with six (6) months from the date of PTPTN approval.
    3. This privilege is only for students who completed the studies.
    4. The 30% discount will be paid by FELDA to PTPTN as determined by FELDA for diploma level and for degree, the repayment program is as per below to start from 2016 enrolment;
1 First Class Degree 30%
(subject to PTPTN policy)
2 Second Class Degree (Upper) 30%
3 Second Class Degree (Lower) 25%
4 Third Class Degree 20%
5 Fail No reduction
  1. After completing the studies, the applicant must submit to FELDA his/her final examination academic transcript.
  2. Student’s loan statement will be issued by PTPTN once the Interest Reduction Repayment by FELDA is deducted.

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